The Horseshoe Bay Inn est 1892
9576 Chemainus Road, Chemainus B.C.  V0R 1K0
Welcome to the Horseshoe Bay Inn

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Emergency exits and fire extinguishers are located in the hallways on both North
and South wings of the hotel.

We have a payphone located beside the entrance door to the Beer, Wine & Liquor

In consideration of our non-smoking regulations and in order to preserve the
aged condition of the hotel and many of its furnishings, smoking is prohibited in all
areas of the building.  There is smoking permitted on the Pub's patio & an ash
container is provided to the right of the lobby/pub doors for your convenience & is
far enough from the entrances to keep in step with the non-smoking bylaws.

As our building is very old with minimal noise insulation, please be considerate
of our other guests and eliminate disturbing noise after 11 p.m.  It is a very rare
occurrence, however, if noise of another guest disturbs your peace or privacy,
please inform our staff.

For your security the lobby door is kept locked overnight and usually throughout the
day.  Please ensure that you are in possession of your hotel keys if you leave the
building.  If you accidentally lock yourself out of the building, please see the
bartender on duty in the pub.

Our pub offers a full selection of menu choices.  If you prefer to dine in your
room, any of our regular menu items can be prepared for take-out.

There are air vents located on the ceiling of the rooms, that can be opened or
closed to restrict or access heat/air-conditioning.

If you require extra pillows or blankets, again, please see the bartender on duty.

Enjoy your stay !

Management and Staff
The Horseshoe Bay Inn